Hungarian rosé wine

Comparing to the French rosés - which are mostly made from the must of the fully ripened grapes, matured in oak barrels hence being full-bodied - the Hungarian rosés are made differently.

In Hungary, the winemakers separate vineyards for rosé and red wines. They leave a bit more clusters on vines for rosés and the harvest is made earlier as well. The main goal is to get a fresh wine, which has a bit higher acidity and lower residual sugar. The fermentation happens in big steel tanks, and the CO2 will stay inside the wine, from what it gets fresh, aromatic and fruity. But to keep this freshness it is advisable not to be kept the wine longer than 2 years.

Vylyan Rosé 2014
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Light-bodied rosé (very smooth)

Vibrant, fresh and fruity, the nose is very intense, reminiscent of raspberry and banana with gentle acidity. One sip follows the other… On the label is one of the characters of the old, local legend of Villany: the Rooster

Food pairing: with poultry roasts, light dishes, salads or as an aperitif.

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