The Wined Me Up story

On the first warm and sunny Saturday afternoon of the year me, my wife and my 6 neighbours decided to celebrate the nice weather by coming together in our courtyard and open up a few bottles of wine. The wines I bought in Hungary were also on the 'menu', which completely wowed my neighbours. You can read more about this evening in our post on Facebook. At this great night we agreed that all people should taste Hungarian wines. And the idea of setting up a company was born and the Wined Me Up story has begun.

… half a year later the company received its first delivery from Hungary

The Wined Me Up story

The company's goal is to share the experience of tasting wines from Hungary with people in the UK who have not tried them yet. As Hungarian wines are not easily accessible in the market at the moment we must fill this gap and put their reputation back where they were in the past. I put some notes together on the history of Hungarian wine to demonstrate how far the traditions of wine making go back.

Wined Me Up Limited bring forward the best single varetials and blends. Some indigenous grapes are very popular like Hárslevelű or Furmint, some others, like the richly fruity off-dry Kabar, have been almost forgotten and recently re-discovered and promoted by a few vineyards. You will find some bordeaux varietals here. These grapes and wines taste completely different due to the climate in Hungary is much different from the one in France. Tom Cannavan shows in his video how different a Hungarian Cabernet Franc is.

Hungary has 22 wine regions from which the company selected the 3 which are the most different from each other. Villány has its full bodied, complex Bordeaux-style reds, whilst Tokaj has the famous furmint, which is the main grape for the Tokaji Aszú and full bodied dry whites. And finally Etyek-Buda with its whites with good acidity.

I quarantee you will find your favourite wine from my selection of the best Hunarian wines. Happy browsing in the online wine shop.

Csaba Erdos
Wined Me Up Limited